TPR settles in, mulling expansion
By Duwayne Escobedo
August 2014
...MILTON, Fla. -- TPR Systems Inc. is preparing for the future, a future it expects to
soar with more aerospace business.
...That’s why the company, begun in 2002 and formerly named Turbine Parts &
Repair, recently relocated to the Santa Rosa County Industrial Park in Milton from
Pensacola. Its new site has an extra 2.5 acres for expansion for the company that
specializes in machining and manufacturing, but can also do repairs and testing on
existing equipment.
...TPR Systems Chief Operations Manager Chuck Pyritz expects the company to
need the space in two years.
...“I see us continuing to grow,” Pyritz said. “I believe we will have to expand this
building in another two years. I’m very confident and extremely comfortable about
...Like many companies in the region, TPR Systems foresees the aerospace sector
on the rise with Airbus building a final assembly line for its popular A320s in Mobile,
Ala., just an hour away. The $600 million Airbus plant at the Mobile Aeroplex at
Brookley is scheduled to begin production in 2015 and deliver its first aircraft in 2016
to JetBlue.
...By 2018, Airbus projects it will have about 1,000 people and to reach its full annual
production of 40 to 50 passenger jets. And that’s with the current projections about
the increasing need for jetliners. Both Airbus and rival Boeing have been increasing
on a regular basis their projections about the number of aircraft that will be needed
worldwide in coming years. That just makes the prospects for aerospace growth in
this region even greater.
...“I feel like it will grow. I’m seeing it already,” Pyritz said. “This area will grow more so
than other areas just because of Airbus’ influence. Like I said, we’re very good at
aerospace work. We excel in that.”
...Because of TPR Systems’ move in May into an 18,000-square-foot, climate-
controlled facility, Santa Rosa County Economic Development Director Shannon
Ogletree said other companies in aviation- and aerospace-related work have
expressed interest in the industrial park. Ogletree said he has taken company
officials and site consultants on tours of TPR Systems.
...“They do a lot of really high-tech work,” Ogletree said. “They are really busy. It has
helped us show what we have in supply and how we can meet other companies’
...TPR Systems’ President Dick Todd and Pyritz have extensive backgrounds in
aerospace and are well positioned to handle more work, Pyritz said.
...Todd has decades of experience primarily in the repair and manufacturing of jet
engine parts. For 21 years before selling his jet engine parts company that Pratt &
Whitney now owns, he had an FAA approved repair shop. It also had manufacturing
authority for several jet engine parts and had manufactured them for Pratt &
Whitney, GE Aviation and Snecma (Safran).
...Meanwhile, Pyritz also brings decades of engineering and manufacturing
experience. Among his many engineering feats, he designed and developed the feed
system for near net shaping of titanium for the aerospace industry.
...The company does stators, the stationary parts of a rotary system, mostly for land-
based turbines and power generation. But the company has done them to aerospace
specifications for jet engines as well. TPR Systems also claims it is the only turbine
manufacturing company in the country that offers vane and blade path replacement
services to its customers. In addition, it produces heat shields and other products
manufactured specifically for the stringent standards of the aerospace industry.
...“We could step right in today and do stators for the aerospace industry, if someone
says, ‘We’d like you to manufacture this product,’” Pyritz said. “We’re very capable of
doing it.”
...TPR Systems has about a dozen highly trained employees, which it projects it will
nearly double in the coming years, and many of the latest, high-technology
machinery capable of handling any metal machining required. Besides stainless steel
machining, it’s capable of handling: stainless steel manufacturing, 3 and 5 axis
machining, EDM work, waterjet machining and cutting, and honeycomb EDM
...Having that much expertise and capability in-house allows TPR Systems to save its
clients both time and considerable costs.
...It’s abundantly clear that TPR Systems is not just “another welding shop.” Among
other things, it has overhead cranes to handle enormous pieces of equipment, one
of the largest shears in the area and one of the only fabricators with a true 5 axis
...“I don’t have a dirt floor and I’m not in a garage,” Pyritz said. “We can do anything
big that needs to be done. We’ve set up a real good work atmosphere.”
...But Pyritz makes it clear that it’s not just all of the company’s high-tech gadgets and
machines that set it apart from other machining and manufacturing operations.
...“It isn’t because of the machining capability so much, as our ability to figure out
problems,” he said. “If you come to us with a problem, we can solve it for most
people. You can have all the best machining in the world, but if you don’t have the
engineering to know how to build or make the product, then those machines will not
make a difference. We have more creativity and ability to solve problems.”
...And that, plus high-quality work has Pyritz counting on TPR Systems to compete for
more aerospace work in the near future.

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