Research Institute on Autonomous Precision Guided Systems
Shalimar, FL
In response to concerns about a possible
shortage of scientists and technicians, the
Research Institute on Autonomous Precision
Guided Systems was created to help supply key
personnel to Eglin Air Force Base.

: air weaponry

Physical location/address: 1350 North Poquito
Road, Shalimar, FL 32579

Phone: 850.833.9350

Overview: To cope with any shortfalls of the
scientific and technical workforce, the institute was
developed by the
University of Florida Research
and Engineering Education Facility and the Air
Force Research Laboratory/Munitions Directorate.
REEF acts as a provider of supplementary scientific
manpower to reinforce AFRL/RW’s work on
airborne weapon systems. Short-term appointments
permit a constant flux of new people and new ideas.

Technical expertise/research fields: engineering

Facilities/equipment: REEF and AFRL/RW

Research/site/business development contact:
Dr. John “Row” Rogacki, director

Mailing address: University of Florida, Research
and Engineering Education Facility, 1350 N.
Poquito Rd., Shalimar, FL 32579


Web site: http://www.REEF.ufl.
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