National Center for Advanced Manufacturing
New Orleans, LA
The National Center for Advanced
Manufacturing is destined to play a major role
in NASA's Constellation program - returning
astronauts to the Moon and beyond. But
officials from NCAM want to also make the
center available to other manufacturers.
Already at least one shipbuilder has opted to
take advantage of the technological
capabilities of the facility run by the University
of New Orleans.

: aerospace and other manufacturing

Established: 1999

Physical location/address: 13800 Old Gentilly
Rd., Building 420, New Orleans, LA 70129

Phone: 504.257.0931

Overview: NCAM is a governmental and academic
partnership located at NASA’s Michoud Assembly
Facility that promotes the use of advanced
manufacturing technologies and research for
industrial applications. A major focus of NCAM is
providing advanced manufacturing capabilities,
research and technology development in support of
NASA’s Constellation program.

Technical expertise/research fields: friction stir
welding, advanced fiber placement, non-destructive
evaluation, high-speed machining

Facilities/equipment: Friction Stir Welding
Machine, called the Universal Weld System, which
uses a solid-state metal joining process producing
high strength, defect-free joints in metallic
materials; Advanced Fiber Placement Machine #1,
used for the manufacture of large-scale complex-
shaped components and structures composed of
composite materials; Advanced Fiber Placement
Machine #2, used for the manufacture of small to
medium-scale complex-shaped composite
components and structures; Non-Destructive
Evaluation Syste, which applies non-destructive
evaluation techniques in the testing of composite
materials by employing a twin 5-axis traveling
column configuration and multiple inspection
system capabilities; Gantry Machining Center,
which is a 5-axis, high-speed machining system able
to machine complex items using multi-axis
capability. This technology is capable of machining
both composite and metal materials using a 24,000
rpm, 60 hp cutting spindle; Autoclave, which
applies heat and pressure in a controlled
environment, providing the conditions needed to
manufacture many of today’s space-age composite

Research site/business development contact:
Bruce Brailsford, executive director


Web site:
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