National Biodynamics Laboratory
New Orleans, LA
The National Biodynamics Laboratory
conducts research to enhance performance and
prevent injuries to humans when exposed to
external forces.

: human factors

Established: 1971

Location/address: NASA Michoud Assembly
Facility, 13800 Old Gentilly Road, Building 420,
New Orleans

Phone: 504.257.3918 or 504.257.3917

Overview: Conducts biodynamics and human
factors research to enhance performance and
prevent injury to human beings when they are
exposed to external forces, motions, and
accelerations such as those encountered in aircraft,
ships, automobiles and other moving environments.

Technical expertise/research fields: Human
factors investigations of optimal
operator/equipment or operator/environment
interaction; head and neck acceleration of the
human body; data processing for the National
Crash Survival Data Bank; cognitive-behavior
anti-motion sickness training program; machining
of test fixtures for high-g testing applications;
operation and configuration of horizontal
accelerator and vertical accelerator; recording of
shipboard motion data; configuration of data
acquisition systems to measure ship shock,
vibration, or acceleration data

Facilities/equipment: Ship Motion Simulator; Six
Degrees-of Freedom Motion Platform; Tri-axial
tilt/rotation chair, machine shop, welding shop and
woodworking shop

Research/site/business development contact:
Thomas G. Dobie

Mailing address: National Biodynamics
Laboratory, University of New Orleans, COE
Room 910, 2000 Lakeshore Drive, New Orleans,
LA 70148

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