Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
Pensacola, FL
The Institute for Human and Machine
Cognition is dedicated to finding ways to make
humans and machines "fit" better together.
IHMC's work involves everything from finding
ways to make robots walk in a more natural
fashion to creating cockpit displays that allow
a pilot to work more efficiently during combat

: human and machine interface, some in
aerospace field
Established: 1990

Location/address: 40 S. Alcaniz St., downtown

Phone: 850.202.4400

Overview: The Center focuses on Human Centered
Computing in the context of creating
computational systems that leverage and extend
human capabilities. Such systems can be thought of
as cognitive prostheses, just as eyeglasses are an
ocular prostheses.

Technical expertise/research fields:
computational and philosophical foundations of AI,
haptic displays to mitigate spatial disorientation,
non-alphanumeric pilot displays,
computer-mediated communication and
collaboration, cognitive science, computer mediated
learning systems, performance support systems,
pedagogically-motivated browsers, knowledge
discovery and data mining, neural networks,
software agents, spatial and temporal reasoning,
diagnostic systems, the nature and modeling of
expertise, cognitive work/task analysis, pattern
recognition, natural language understanding for
computational systems and other related areas;
investigating a broad range of topics related to
understanding cognition in both humans and
machines with a particular emphasis on building
computational tools to leverage and amplify human
cognitive and perceptual capacities.

Facilities/equipment: 27,000 sq. feet at 40 South
Alcaniz St.; 3,600 sq. feet at 127 South Alcaniz St.;
2,000 sq. feet at 100 South Alcaniz St.

Research/site/business development contact:
Tim Wright

Mailing address: Institute for Human and
Machine Cognition, The University of West
Florida, 40 South Alcaniz Street, Pensacola, FL


Web site:
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