Florida Institute for Research into Energetics
Shalimar, FL
The Florida Institute for Research into
Energetics is all about the business end of
aerial weapons, including high explosives and
energetic materials. The research unit is a
consortium of four universities and the military.

: computational energetics

Location/address: 1350 North Poquito Road,
Shalimar, FL 32579

Phone: 850.833.9350

Overview: The university research consortium
includes the University of Florida, Georgia Tech,
University of Illinois Champaign and Purdue
University. The institute utilizes the facilities at the
University of Florida Research and Engineering
Education Facility and labs at the Air Force
Research Lab/Munitions Directorate at Eglin Air
Force Base to investigate a variety of topics related
to energetic materials and high explosives. Research
topics include ways to better predict explosives
performance and methods to synthesize new
materials, including nano technologies.

Technical expertise/research fields: Theory and
modeling, manufacturing and synthesis,
characterization of high explosives and energetic

Facilities/equipment: REEF facilities in Shalimar
AFRL/RW facilities at Eglin Air Force Base

Research/site/business development contact:
Dr. John “Row” Rogacki, administrative director

Mailing address: University of Florida, Research
and Engineering Education Facility, 1350 N.
Poquito Rd., Shalimar, FL 32579

E-mail: jrogacki@reef.ufl.edu

Web site: http://www.REEF.ufl.edu/Fire%
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