Air Force Research Laboratory/Munitions Directorate
Eglin Air Force Base, FL
The AFRL Munitions Directorate is the group
responsible for many of the smart weapons that
first became known to the general public
during the first Gulf War. They have continued
that work and have created weapons that might
more accurately be defined as brilliant.

: air launched weaponry

Location/address: 101 West D. Ave., Suite 150,
Eglin Air Force Base, FL

Phone: 850.883.2502

Overview: One of 10 directorates under the Air
Force Research Laboratory system, Eglin’s
AFRL/Munitions Directorate is responsible for
developing state-of-the-art air launched weapons to
defeat fixed, mobile/relocatable, air and space
targets. About 70 miles to the east is the
AFRL/Materials and Manufacturing Directorate at
Tyndall AFB. Both welcome partners to
commercialize developing technologies.

Technical expertise/research fields: a wide
range of activities related to munitions
development, including target recognition;
ordnance technologies (high explosives, fuze, laser
and fiberoptic research); advanced guidance using
simulation, image and signal processing; navigation
and control technologies; computational mechanics;
lethality and vulnerability assessments; and flight
vehicle integration. More broadly defined:
aerospace; aerospace engineering; aerospace
guidance; equipment performance; computational
arts and programming; information technology;
ordnance technologies; systems integration.

Facilities/equipment: AFRL/RW Research
Facility; EO/RF/MMW Laboratory; Reusable Test
Laboratory; Advanced Warhead Experimentation
Facility; LADAR Development and Evaluation
Research Facility; Prototype Munition Fabrication
Laboratory; Kinetic Kill Vehicle Hardware-in-the-
Loop Simulator; Aeroballistics Research Facility;
Fuze Research and Development Facility;
Electromagnetic Experimentation Laboratory; High
Explosives Research and Development Facility,
Advanced Navigation Laboratory; Environmental
Science Laboratory; Technical Library.

Research/site/business development contact:
Michael “Mickey” Duvall, chief of the business
development branch
Mailing address: AFRL/RWOB, 101 West D.
Ave., Suite 143, Eglin Air Force Base, FL 32542-


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