Air Armament Center
Eglin Air Force Base, FL
The AAC is responsible for the acquisition,
testing and deployment of the entire range of
air armaments for the United States and allied

: air weaponry

Location/address: 101 West D Avenue, Suite 110,
Eglin Air Force Base, FL

Phone: 850.882.2843; 850.882.5614

Overview: Originally called the Valparaiso
Bombing and Gunnery Base in 1935, on Aug. 4,
1937, the base was designated Eglin Field and since
renamed several times. The Air Armament Center
was established in 1998 on Eglin Air Force Base.
AAC is the focal point for all Air Force armaments,
including research, development, acquisition,
testing, deployment and sustainment. It plans,
directs and conducts test and evaluation of U.S. and
allied air armament and countermeasures,
navigation/guidance systems and command and
control systems. Has become a prime location for
private-sector entities to test and evaluate
technologically advanced systems, including
modeling in the laboratory and simulation to open
air ranges.

Technical expertise/research fields: climatic
testing, EMC/EMI testing, modeling and
simulation, multispectral signature characterization,
command and control testing, engineering,
computer programming, information technology.
Evaluates effects of climatic, dynamic and
electromagnetic extremes, as well as rapid
acceleration and deceleration. In-flight tests of
aircraft systems and armaments, control and
monitoring instrumentation. Aerospace, aerospace
engineering, aerospace guidance, equipment
performance, computational arts and programming,
information technology, ordnance technologies,
systems integration.

Facilities/equipment: Central Control Facility;
Armament Systems Test Environment;
Electromagnetic Test Environment; Gulf Test
Range; Preflight Integration of Munitions and
Electronic Systems; Guided Weapons Evaluation
Facility; McKinley Climatic Laboratory; Radar
Target Scatter; Central Inertial Guidance Test
Facility; Anechoic Chamber, Sensor Evaluation
Facility, Super Computer Center, land and sea
ranges, Structural Dynamics Laboratory,
GPS/Simulation Facilities, Environmental Test
Chambers, high and low speed sled track, kinetic
kill vehicle hardware-in-the-loop simulator,
prototype munition fabrication laboratory.

Research/site/business development contact:
Gary Wollam

Mailing address: AAC Business Development
Office, AAC/XPX, 101 West D Ave., Suite 129,
Eglin Air Force Base, FL 32542-5495


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