crew capsule

Overview: The Orion is the crew vehicle being
developed by NASA as a component of the former
Constellation Program. Although Constellation was
killed, the Orion survives. It can carry a crew of
four to six astronauts. Prior to elimination of
Constellation, it was to have launched from Launch
Complex 39 at Kennedy Space Center, the same
launch complex used to launch the Space Shuttle.

Contractor: Lockheed Martin, Bethesda, MD

Corridor work: Lockheed Martin, responsible for
the design, development and manufacture of the
Orion crew vehicle, will build large structures and
composite parts for the new capsule at Michoud.
Also, Rocketplane Kistler of Oklahoma City, one of
two companies selected for NASA’s Commercial
Orbital Transportation Services project to develop
and demonstrate crew and cargo delivery to the
International Space Station, will integrate and
assemble its commercial vehicle at Michoud.
Orion crew vehicle
Lockheed Martin image