Fire Scout
helicopter drone

Overview: The Fire Scout (MQ-8) is an unmanned,
robotic helicopter being developed for use by the
military for intelligence, surveillance and
reconnaissance. The initial version, RQ-8A, led to
the enhanced version the RQ-8B. It was selected for
use in the Army's Future Combat Systems. Due to
its multi-role capability, it was renamed the MQ-8B.
And armed version is also being developed.

Contractor: Northrop Grumman, Los Angeles, CA

Corridor work: Final assembly of the Fire Scout is
done at the Northrop Grumman Unmanned
Systems Center in Moss Point, MS. Flight testing
will also be conducted in South Mississippi.

    Overall length: 22.87 ft in
    Overall height: 9.42 ft in
    Main rotor diameter: 27 ft 6 in
Northrop Grumman image
Fire Scout (MQ-8)
Fire Scout (MQ-8)