Ares V
space launch vehicle

Overview: The cargo launch vehicle being
developed by NASA was a component of the
former Constellation Program, and while the
program was killed, the cargo launch vehicle
remains. Ares 5 was previously known as the Cargo
Launch Vehicle or CaLV. It was to have launched
the Earth Departure Stage and Altair lunar lander
for the return to the moon. It will be able to carry
about 287,000 pounds to low earth orbit, and was
to have been capable of hauling 143,300 pounds to
the moon.

Contractor: Alliant Techsystems (ATK),
Minneapolis, MN (NYSE: ATK)

Corridor work: The core stage and the upper Earth
departure stage of Ares V will be manufactured and
assembled at the Michoud Assembly Facility in
New Orleans.
Ares V launch vehicle
NASA image