Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
Stennis Space Center, MS
Overview: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne's
Stennis Space Center operation is part of
Canoga Park, Calif.-based Pratt & Whitney
Rocketdyne, which is part of Pratt & Whitney
(see below) which in turn is part of United
Technologies Corp. Pratt & Whitney
Rocketdyne also has operations in Florida's
West Palm Beach and Kennedy Space Center,
and in Huntsville, Ala. PWR designs/produces
liquid propellant rocket engines that power the
Space Shuttle, and it supplies booster engines
for the Delta II rockets and boosters and upper
stage engines for Atlas III, Atlas V and Delta
IV rockets. The current company was formed in
2005 when UTC purchased Rocketdyne
Propulsion and Power from Boeing and merger
it with Pratt & Whitney Space Propulsion.

Address: Building 4301, Mississippi Army
Ammunition Plant, Stennis Space Center, MS

Phone: 228.688.2281

Products or services: development and flight
acceptance testing of Space Shuttle Main
Engines, manufacturer of expandable rocket
motors, assembles RS-68 rocket engine



Corporate family
F135 engine used in F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.
Pratt & Whitney image
United Technologies Corp.
Headquarters: 1 Financial Plaza, Hartford, CT
06103 United States
Phone: 860.728.7000
Market/symbol: NYSE/UTX
Overview: United Technologies is a
conglomerate that offers a range of products
through brands such as Carrier, Otis, Pratt &
Whitney, and Sikorsky. Carrier is the world’s
largest maker of heating and air-conditioning
units and Otis is the leading elevator maker.
Hamilton Sundstrand makes engine controls,
environmental systems, propellers and other
flight systems. Pratt & Whitney makes aircraft
and spacecraft engines and Sikorsky makes
helicopters. UTC Power makes fuel cells for
commercial, transportation, and space
Noteworthy: The core group of United
Technologies was founded in 1929 as United
Aircraft and Transportation Corp. by Boeing,
Chance Vought, Hamilton Aero Manufacturing
and Pratt & Whitney Aircraft. Others joined the
holding company, as did some airlines. In 1934
it was split into three companies, United
Airlines, Boeing and a new United Aircraft
Corp., (Pratt & Whitney, Sikorsky, Vought and
Hamilton Standard Propeller). United Aircraft
became United Technologies in 1975. In 2004,
UTC acquired the Schweizer Aircraft Corp.,
which operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary
under the Sikorsky Aircraft division. In 2007,
UTC opened the Hawk Works, a rapid
prototyping and military derivatives completion
center in Big Flats, N.Y.
Major UTC products: UH-60 Black Hawk
Major UTC competitors: Boeing, GE,

Pratt & Whitney
Headquarters: 400 Main St., East Hartford, CT
06108 United States
Phone: 860.565.4321
Market/symbol: part of NYSE/UTX
Overview: A subsidiary of United Technologies,
Pratt & Whitney is the third largest aircraft engine
manufacturers in the world behind GE and Rolls-
Royce. The company makes and services
commercial and military aircraft engines and
produces space and marine propulsion systems, as
well as industrial gas turbines. It’s part of the
Engine Alliance with GE, which makes engines for
the Airbus A380 and International Aero Engines
company with Rolls-Royce, MTU Aero Engines and
the Japanese Aero Engines Corp., which makes
engines for the Airbus A320 and the McDonnell
Douglas MD-90.
Noteworthy: The company traces its roots to 1860
as a company that made machine tools, including
gun-making machinery. It built its first aircraft
engine in 1925. The designer of that engine took the
name and formed United Aircraft and Transport
Corp., predecessor to United Technologies Corp. In
2005 Pratt & Whitney purchased Rocketdyne from
the Boeing Co. Airbus and Boeing are its largest
commercial customers.
Major Pratt & Whitney products: F135 (F-35
Lightning II), F119 (F-22 Raptor) F100 (F15 Eagle
and F16 Falcon), F117 (C-17), J52 (EA-6B), TF33
(AWACS, Joint STARS, B-52, KC-135) TF30 (F-
111), and spacecraft engines, including the J-2X and
Major Pratt & Whitney competitors: GE
Aviation, Rolls-Royce, SAFRAN

Parent company