ATK (Alliant Techsystems)
Shalimar, FL
ATK (Alliant Techsystems)
Headquarters: 7480 Flying Cloud Dr.,
Minneapolis, MN 55344 United States
Phone: 952.351.3000
Overview: Widely known as ATK, it has more
than 50 facilities in 21 states, including Mississippi
at Iuka, Alabama in Huntsville and multiple
locations in Florida. It also has representatives in
50 countries. In addition to ATK Corporate
(Minneapolis, Minn.), it has ATK Washington D.
C. Operations (headquarters Arlington, Va.), ATK
Armament Systems (headquarters Clearfield,
Utah), ATK Mission Systems (headquarters
Baltimore, Md.) and ATK Space Systems
(headquarters Herndon, Va.).
Market/ticker: NYSE/ATK
Noteworthy: ATK’s core business is
conventional munitions, including smart bombs,
and rocket propulsion systems. In addition to
munitions, it makes anti-tank mines, aircraft
weapons systems and high-tech components.
ATK makes solid propulsion rocket motors and
its products are used in space launch vehicles,
such as the Trident II and Delta II. ATK is
working with NASA, Lockheed Martin and
Orbital Sciences Corp. to develop the launch
abort motor for the Orion crew exploration
ATK products: wing skin for F-35; composite fan
containment cases for General Electric GEnx
engines; commercial aircraft composite structures;
component and subsystems for commercial
satellite programs; AN/AAR-47 missile and laser
warning system; ammunition for law enforcement
and sport shooting; ammunition for the U.S. and
allied forces; composite centrifuges for the
nuclear power industry; precision munitions and
strike weapons; air-bursting munitions; medium-
caliber chain guns; propellants; fuzes; missile
warning systems; flares; decoys; solid rocket
propulsion systems; reuseable solid rocket
motors; strategic missiles; lightweight space
deployables; solar arrays and satellite thermal
management systems; systems for small and micro
satellites; solid rocket boosters; astronaut tools;
main lift and launch abort motors for Orion crew
launch vehicle; solar arrays; three stages for the
Minuteman III and Trident II D-5 missiles; three
stages for the ground-based missile defense
system and first two stages for the Kinetic Energy
Interceptor programs.
ATK competitors: Aerojet, General Dynamics,

Corporate family
ATK is heavily involved in the Constellation program.
Alliant Techsystems image
Overview: Alliant Techsystems operation on
the Gulf Coast Aerospace Corridor is involved
in weapons development at Eglin Air Force
Base, Fla. The company's space and missions
sectors have operations at Cape Canaveral,
Kennedy Space Center, Clearwater and Palm
Beach Gardens in Florida, Huntsville, Ala., and
Iuka, Miss.

Address: 2803 Sam Snead Court, Shalimar, FL

Phone: 850.651.2558

Products or services: munitions development

Contract: Robert Blake


Connections: The Gulf Coast Aerospace
Corridor is involved in the space program
primarily through John C. Stennis Space Center
in Mississippi and the Michoud Assembly
Facility in New Orleans, both involved in
NASA's Constellation program. ATK is a
major player in Constellation,  but its closest
space-related operation is in Iuka in north
Mississippi, part of ATK's Mission Systems.