Airbus Engineering Center
Mobile, AL
Airbus Americas
Headquarters: Herndon, Va., United States
Phone: 703.834.3400
Overview: The Mobile engineering center is
part of Airbus Americas, which has six
operational locations in the United States:
headquarters, Herndon, Va.; spares center in
Ashburn, Va.; training center in Miami, Fla.;
safety and technical affairs in Washington, D.C.;
and engineering centers in Wichita, Kan.; and
Mobile, Ala.
Parent: Airbus Americas is the U.S. subsidiary
of Airbus S.A.S of Blagnac, France, a subsidiary
of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space
Co., headquartered in the Netherlands.
Noteworthy: Airbus produces about half the
world’s jet airliners and began as a consortium
of aerospace manufacturers. It has 16 sites in
four European Union countries, Germany,
France, the United Kingdom and Spain, with
final assembly in Toulouse, France; Hamburg,
Germany; Seville, Spain; and Tianjin, China. In
addition to the U.S. subsidiary, Airbus has
subsidiaries in Japan and China.
Major Airbus products: A380, A318, A319,
A320, A321, A300, A310, A330, A340, A350
Major Airbus competitors: Boeing,
Bombardier, Embraer

Engineering center, Mobile, Ala.
Airbus North America image
Overview: The Airbus Engineering Center at
Brookley Industrial Complex in Mobile, Ala.,
officially opened in February 2007. At full
capacity, the engineering center will employ at
least 150 engineers. At the time of its opening,
it was seen as the first step towards a large-scale
industrial complex at Brookley in the event the
company's A330-200F aircraft was used as the
platform for an aerial refueling tanker to be
built by Northrop Grumman on the same site.

Address: 1801 S. Broad Street, Mobile, AL

Phone: 251.434.7300

Products or services: production development,
production engineering and post-production
modification phases for all aircraft in Airbus'
production line

Contact: David L. Trent, site director


Connections: In the Gulf Coast Aerospace
Corridor region, corporate parent EADS also
operates an EADS CASA maintenance facility
at the regional airport in Mobile, Ala., and
manufacturers helicopters at American
Eurocopter in Columbus, Miss.
Corporate family