Navarre, FL

Overview: This high-flying company traces its
roots to 1971, when it was founded by physicist
and engineer Dr. Paul MacCready. Today AV
offers several lines of products, most notably
unmanned aerial systems designed for front-line
troops. The company's training and support
operations in Navarre, Fla., has grown from six
workers in 2004 to about 40 today.

Address: 7552 Navarre Parkway, Navarre, FL

Products or services: unmanned aerial systems
training and support operations

Phone: 850.936.8882
Soldier launches Raven
AeroVironment image
Corporate family
Headquarters: 181 W. Huntington Dr., Suite
202, Monrovia, CA 91006
Phone: 626.357.9983
Market/symbol: NASDAQ/AVAV
Overview: Aerovironment designs, develops,
produces and supports a variety of unmanned
aircraft systems for the Department of Defense
and component military branches. Small enough
for one-man transport, launchable by a single
person and operated through a hand-held
control unit, AeroVironment's UAVs can
provide intelligence, surveillance, and
reconnaissance for small tactical units or
individual soldiers. The company also makes
fast-charge systems for industrial vehicle
batteries under the PosiCharge brand as well as
power processing test equipment through its
Energy Technology Center business segment.
Noteworthy: AV pioneered groundbreaking
vehicles including the Solar Challenger, the
Sunraycer and the General Motors Impact.
Major AeroVironment products: Raven, Wasp
III, Puma AE, Dragon Eye, Global Observer
Major AeroVironment competitors: L-3
Communications, Lockheed Martin, Northrop