Tyndall Air Force Base
Springfield, FL

Overview: This base is home to the 325th Fighter
Wing, which is responsible for training pilots to
ensure United States dominance in the air.

Location: Springfield, FL (near Panama City)

Branch: Air Force

Established: 1941

Size: 28,824 acres

Plant Replacement Value: $1.54 billion*

Mission: The 325th Fighter Wing of the Air
Education and Training Command operates
Tyndall and is responsible for building an air
superiority team. The wing conducts training for F-
15A/B and C/D Eagle and F-22A Raptor pilots.
Tyndall is headquarters for the 1st Air Force, an
element of the Air Combat Command. The 53rd
Weapons Evaluation Group (53 WEG) is an Air
Combat Command tenant group that reports to the
53rd Wing at Eglin Air Force Base. It manages
offshore weapons ranges over the Gulf of Mexico
and manages target drone programs. It’s also the
primary manager for the annual U.S. Air Force Air-
to-Air Weapons meet. All of the Air Force’s Air
Battle Managers are trained at Tyndall. The Air
Force Civil Engineer Support Agency is
headquartered at Tyndall and a branch of the Air
Force Research Laboratory’s Materials and
Manufacturing Directorate also has facilities at the

Tenants: 325th Fighter Wing; 1st Air Force; 601st
Air & Space Operations Center; 53rd Weapons
Evaluation Group; 81st Test Support Squadron;
82nd Aerial Targets Squadron; 83rd Fighter
Weapons Squadron; 86th Fighter Weapons
Squadron, Det 1, 16th Electronic Warfare
Squadron; Airbase Technologies Division (RXQ)
Air Force Research Laboratory; others

Contact: Public Affairs, 445 Suwanee Road, Suite
129, Tyndall AFB, FL 32403

Phone: 850.283.4500

*DoD Base Structure Report FY 2011