Fort Rucker
Daleville, AL

Overview: The home of U.S. Army aviation, it
serves as a training facility and develops concepts
and doctrines for helicopter warfare.

Location: Daleville, AL

Branch: Army

Established: 1942

Size: 59,827 acres

Plant Replacement Value: $1.5 billion*

Mission: About 20 miles northwest of Dothan and
80 miles from the Gulf Coast, it’s the primary flight
training base for Army aviation. It’s mission
includes developing concepts, doctrine,
organization, training, leader development, materiel,
and soldier requirements. It’s home to the U.S.
Army Aviation Warfighting Center and the U.S.
Army Aviation Technical Test Center, which
conducts developmental aircraft testing.

Units: U.S. Army Aviation Warfighting Center, U.
S. Army Aviation Center; 1st Aviation Brigade; 1st
Battalion, 14th Aviation Regiment, 1st Battalion,
212th Aviation Regiment, 1st Battalion, 223rd
Aviation Regiment, USAF 23rd Flying Training
Squadron, U.S. Army Aviation Museum

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Hanchey Army Heliport; Hunt Army Heliport;
Lowe Army Heliport; Knox Army Heliport; Shell
Army Heliport; and Fort Rucker stagefields.



*DoD Base Structure Report FY 2011
Aircraft type at Fort Rucker