Eglin Air Force Base
Fort Walton Beach/Valparaiso, FL
Overview: One of the largest air force bases in the
world, Eglin is best-known for the development,
acquisition, testing and deployment of air-delivered
weapons. It has 724 square miles of land range and
130,000 square miles of water test ranges.

Location: Northwest Florida, near Fort Walton
Beach, FL

Branch: Air Force

Established: 1941

Size: 453,594 acres (724 square miles); 130,000
square miles of water ranges

Plant Replacement Value: $4.12 billion*

Mission: The Air Armament Center is the host
unit of Eglin Air Force Base, which has more than
45 associate units. The
Air Armament Center is one
of three product centers in the Air Force Materiel
Command and serves as the focal point for all Air
Force armament. It develops, acquires, tests and
deploys all air-delivered weapons. The center plans,
directs and conducts test and evaluation of U.S. and
allied air armament, navigation and guidance
systems, command and control systems and
supports the largest single base mobility
commitment in the Air Force. AAC accomplishes
its mission through the 46th Test Wing, 96th Air
Base Wing, and the 308th Armament Systems Wing.
The 46th Test Wing is the test and evaluation
center for Air Force air-delivered weapons,
navigation and guidance systems, Command and
Control (C2) systems, and Air Force Special
Operations Command systems. The Eglin Gulf
Test Range provides approximately 130,000 square
miles of over water airspace. The land range covers
724 square miles and contains 51 test and training
areas, including an approved depleted uranium test
range and the only qualified air-to-ground
supersonic range east of the Mississippi River. The
Armament/C2 Systems Test Environment consists
of all the precision instrumentation for data
collection, microwave systems for data transfer, and
radio and land communication networks to support
test and evaluation.
The 96th Air Base Wing supports the Air
Armament Center and associate units with
traditional military services as well as all the services
of a small city, to include civil engineering,
personnel, logistics, communications, computer,
medical, security, and all other host services. Its
responsible for material resources, mobility
requirements, and meeting the needs of Eglin
personnel. The 96th Air Base Wing is comprised of
five organizations.
The 308th Armament Systems Wing (308 ARSW),
is a joint U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy organization
responsible for cradle-to-grave management of air
dominance weapon system programs. The 308
ARSW is responsible for enhancing worldwide Air
Force combat capability, effectiveness, aircrew
survivability, and readiness through joint
development, procurement, deployment and
sustainment. This mission is executed by air combat
test and training systems, expeditionary support
equipment, munitions handling equipment and
armament subsystems, Explosive Ordnance
Disposal support equipment, and Electronic
Warfare threat simulators.

Contact: Lois Walsh, 96 ABW Public Affairs

Phone: 850.882.5987

*DoD Base Structure Report FY 2011
Eglin Air Force Base image
Aircraft type at Eglin AFB
  • F-15 (McDonnell Douglas)
  • F-16 (Lockheed Martin)
  • A-10 (Fairchild Republic)
  • C-130 (Lockheed/Boeing)
  • UH-1 (Bell Helicopter)
  • C-32 (Boeing)