Camp Shelby
Hattiesburg, MS
Overview: The largest state-owned training site in
the nation, Camp Shelby is a crucial facility for the
National Guard as well as active duty training units
in the region.

Location: South of Hattiesburg, MS

Branch: state owned for Army National Guard

Established: 1917

Size: 134,011 acres

Plant Replacement Value: $1.54 billion*

Mission: The largest state owned training site in
the nation. In wartime, the camp's mission is to
serve as an independent mobilization station of the
U.S. Army Forces Command. The largest reserve
component training site, allowing up to battalion
level maneuver training. This is the normal annual
training location for National Guard and Reserve
units located in Mississippi, Alabama, and
Tennessee, but units from across the country use it.

Related activities: Shelby Range Complex;
Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center

Contact: Maj. Deidre Musgrave

Phone: 601.558.2835

*DoD Base Structure Report FY 2011
Camp Shelby image