Overview: The C-32 is a specially configured
version of the Boeing 757-200 commercial
intercontinental airliner. The C-32 body is identical
to that of the Boeing 757-200, but has different
interior furnishings and 21st century avionics. The
primary customers are the vice president, using the
distinctive call sign "Air Force Two," the first lady,
and members of the Cabinet and Congress.

Contractor(s): The Boeing Co., Chicago, Ill.

Corridor connections: Eglin Air Force Base, FL
General characteristics
C-32 used for high-priority personnel transport.
Air Force image
Primary function: High-priority personnel
Builder: Boeing Company
Power plant: 2 Pratt & Whitney 2040 engines
Length: 155 feet, 3 inches
Height: 44 feet, 6 inches
Wingspan: 124 feet, 8 inches
Range: 5,500 nautical miles
Ceiling: 42,000 feet
Speed: 530 miles per hour
Date deployed: June 19, 1998
Inventory: Active force, 4; ANG: 0; Reserve:

Source: U.S. Air Force