Gulf Coast bases valued at $20.3B
May 15, 2012
...Military sites along the Gulf Coast Interstate 10 corridor have a combined plant
replacement value of $20.3 billion, with three bases accounting for nearly $8.2 billion of
that, according to the latest Department of Defense Base Structure Report.
...The region between Southeast Louisiana and Northwest Florida has 47 DoD sites listed
in the fiscal year 2012 report with a combined 723,297 acres, of which 569,836 is owned
by DoD. Many of the sites, notably in South Alabama and Northwest Florida, are outlying
fields used by aviators for training. The list also includes annexes and housing areas.
...The most valuable base in terms of plant replacement value (PRV) along the I-10
corridor is Northwest Florida's Eglin Air Force Base, with a PRV of $3.86 billion, followed
by Naval Air Station Pensacola, Fla., with an PRV of $2.17 billion and MIssissippi's Keesler
Air Force Base in Biloxi, with an PRV of $2.16 billion.
...South Alabama's most valuable DoD site is the Army's Fort Rucker, a helicopter aviation
training center near Dothan in Southeast Alabama, with a replacement value of $1.53
billion. South Louisiana's most valuable base is the Navy's NAS JRB New Orleans in Belle
Chasse, with a PRV of $808 million.
...In terms of acreage, the largest by far is the Eglin, with more than 449,000 acres,
followed by the Mississippi Army National Guard’s Camp Shelby’s more than 133,000
acres, and the Fort Rucker with more than 59,000 acres. The smallest site is the Army’s
Destin Moreno Point in Northwest Florida, with just 14 acres.
...Of the four states with a piece of the Interstate 10 corridor, Northwest Florida has the
most sites with 21, followed by South Alabama with 12, South Mississippi with 11 and
South Louisiana with three. Northwest Florida’s bases have the largest PRV, $11.66
billion, followed by South Mississippi’s with a PRV of $5.41 billion, South Alabama with a
PRV of $2 billion and South Louisiana with an PRV of $1.23 billion.
...Alabama has 99 DoD sites with two, both Army, listed as “large” (with a PRV equal to or
greater than $1.717 billion). The most valuable is Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, with a
PRV of $4.39 billion. Louisiana has 37 DoD sites with one listed as large, the Army’s Fort
Polk with a PRV of $3.79 billion.
...Florida has 238 sites with two Navy and two Air Force bases listed as large. The most
valuable in the state is Eglin. Mississippi has 200 sites with only one, Keesler, under the
large category. –
David Tortorano, Gulf Coast Aerospace Corridor, 05/15/12
Eglin AFB
$3.859 billion
NAS Pensacola
$2.169 billion
Keesler AFB
$2.161 billion
GCAC illustration using Google map